Tesla Giga Shanghai roars into action as Q3 2021 enters its final weeks

(Credit: Wu Wa)

A recent video of Gigafactory Shanghai reveals that Tesla China is more than ready for another quarter-end push as Q3 2021 comes to an end. 

Drone-operator Wu Wa recently posted another video of Giga Shanghai, showing the EV community Tesla’s production might. Giga Shanghai’s lot seemed filled to the brim with Made-in-China Model 3 and Model Y units in the video. As of September 3, Giga Shanghai appears to have reached its highest run rate since starting full operations last year. 

Tesla Giga Shanghai opened its doors to some social media influencers over the summer. In August, China-based YouTuber MickeyworksTV posted a video where he noted that Tesla’s Shanghai factory already reached an annualized 450,000 production rate.

Last year, Tesla produced 509,737 units and delivered 499,550 vehicles in total, missing its 2020 guidance by a sliver. At an annualized production run rate of 450k, Tesla Giga China would be very close to producing the total number of vehicles Tesla delivered last year on its own. 

Tesla did not set a specific guidance for 2021. However, the company did note that it would be beating its production and delivery numbers in 2020, which were record-breaking on their own. Gigafactory Berlin was supposed to start operations this year and kick off Model Y deliveries in Europe this quarter. Even without its factory in Germany, though, Tesla seems capable of meeting its 2021 guidance with just the Fremont Factory and Gigafactory Shanghai. 

Tesla Giga Shanghai reportedly started producing 1,000 Model Ys per day last month. Officially, Tesla China exported 8,210 Model Ys to Europe in July, which arrived in August. 

Tesla kicked off Model Y deliveries in Europe with just a few days of August left. In less than a week, the Tesla Model Y climbed to the top of the sales charts in Norway, beating EVs like the Volkswagen ID.4 and the Ford Mustang Mach-E. 

At the last earnings call, Giga Shanghai was officially named Tesla’s main export hub. Based on the number of vehicles spotted in Tesla China’s lot, Gigafactory Shanghai is certainly living up to the company’s expectations and more. 

Watch Wu Wa‘s Tesla Giga Shanghai video below!

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Tesla Giga Shanghai roars into action as Q3 2021 enters its final weeks
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