Tesla has slashed prices by one-fifth in one year, EVs improve by 18%

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Tesla has slashed its prices by one-fifth in a single year, according to a new set of data from Kelley Blue Book, while electric vehicle transaction prices as a whole have improved by roughly 18 percent.

KBB tracks average transaction prices and how they compare to the previous month and the same month from a year prior.

Tesla’s average transaction price in July was $54,660, a 0.8 percent improvement from June ($55,105), but that is nothing compared to how much the automaker has improved since July of 2022.

A 19.9 percent decrease in transaction price as July 2022 saw Teslas sell for an average price of $68,215 is the most drastic change across the major automotive companies, according to the data.

average transaction price july 2023 kbb data

Credit: Kelley Blue Book

The second-best decrease in price came from Honda, which saw a 2.6 percent decrease in average transactions from July 2022 to July 2023.

Electric vehicles as a whole also continued to drop in average transaction price from month to month at 0.4 percent, just below the industry average of 0.7 percent.

However, over the past year, EV prices have dropped 17.9 percent, going from $65,108 to $53,682.

KBB writes in its press release of the data:

“EV prices continue to fall, once again led by market leader Tesla. In July, the average EV ATP was $53,469, down from $53,682 in June and down from more than $61,000 in January. Incentives for EVs in July were 6.7% of ATP, or $3,755. EV ATPs are down more than 19% from their recent peak of more than $66,000 just a little more than a year ago in June 2022.”

Tesla started 2023 with massive price cuts that helped the automaker put pressure on industry rivals like Ford, which also cut prices in an effort to remain competitive.

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“The year-over-year decline of EV ATPs has been led by Tesla slashing prices on its popular models,” Research Manager for Cox Automotive, Rebecca Rydzewski, said. “Tesla prices are down nearly 20% versus a year ago, and other EV models, such as the Ford F-150 Lightning, have been following Tesla’s lead. While automakers report losing money on electric vehicles, they continue to aggressively pursue EV growth strategies.”

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Tesla has slashed prices by one-fifth in one year, EVs improve by 18%
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