Tesla earns highest ranked American car brand by Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports has placed Tesla onto its list as highest ranked American car brand on its latest annual auto Brand Report Card. The Silicon Valley-based electric carmaker ranked 8th on the overall list, passed by Audi, Porsche, and BMW who took the top 3 spots, respectively.

The latest Brand Report Card ranking is based on scores attained from a combination of road tests, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety, according to the consumer reporting agency. Tesla took home an overall score of 73, boosted by high marks received for owner’s satisfaction and road-testing, but dragged down by its reliability score.

This love-hate relationship with Consumer Reports among Tesla owners is one that seems to be in a constant state of flux. Though Tesla recently took home the trophy for “Best Future Mobility Brand”, beating out BMW and Mercedes Benz in their home turf, the company can’t seem to reconcile its world class customer satisfaction numbers with its reliability data.

Image Credit: Consumer Reports

This chart shows that Tesla has achieved the highest overall ranking of any American auto company and in 8th place overall. The overall ranking is pulled down by reliability issues which have been well documented in the past – with the Falcon Wing Doors on the Model X likely being one of the largest issues in the young company’s history.

On the flip side, the top notch customer satisfaction ranking puts a data point to the massive impact Tesla has had on the auto industry.

An overall positive ownership experience as a result of Tesla’s ultra smooth-running electric drivetrain, the massive 17″ touchscreen integrated into the center of the dash, and intuitive engineering that eliminates manual effort for mindless tasks, makes Tesla stand far apart from any other premium sedans on the market.

While Consumer Reports will likely continue to ebb and flow with the tides of consumer opinion, it’s clear that Tesla isn’t batting an eye as it presses forward with bold plans for Model 3 this year, and a few more Gigafactories that will likely break ground next year.

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