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Tesla Magic Dock rollout continues with Supercharger on Long Island

Credit: Tesla

The newest Tesla Supercharger with a Magic Dock has been spotted in Long Island, New York.

Since the opening of the Tesla Supercharger network to other EVs in the United States, thanks to the all-new Magic Dock, the number of supported chargers has continued to grow. Starting with just a couple of locations in Upstate New York, Magic Dock chargers can now be found on both coasts of the country. The newest Magic Dock charger has been found in Long Island, New York.

The new Tesla Supercharger with Magic Dock was spotted by LongIslandEVs on Twitter.

Located just north of Shirley, New York, this new non-Tesla charging location is the 9th to open in the state, amounting to well over 50 chargers total.

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Credit: Tesla App

Currently, Tesla Superchargers with Magic Docks are only found in New York and California. Still, with such a strong Tesla presence throughout much of the east and west coast, more states will likely receive chargers in the coming months.

So far, Tesla nor Elon Musk have outlined which chargers will receive Magic Docks, and from what we can tell, there doesn’t seem to be any correlation between the sites chosen other than the fact that they have only been placed in two states.

The Tesla Supercharger with Magic Dock rollout parallels another Tesla charging rollout, V4 Superchargers. The newest generation of the Tesla charger, first seen in the Netherlands, comes with dramatically increased power output and hopefully significantly reduced charging times. During Tesla Investor day, Tesla executives focused on making charging both more efficient and quicker, ensuring that more customers are served per day.

With such intense demand for non-Tesla charging in the United States, the automaker is poised to generate substantial revenue as more and more drivers switch to EVs. Furthermore, with so many competing charging networks gaining the reputation of being unreliable, non-Tesla drivers are more likely than ever to turn to a Tesla Supercharger with a Magic Dock for their charging needs. Hopefully, this can motivate brands to improve their reliability to maintain their revenue in the coming months and years.

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Tesla Magic Dock rollout continues with Supercharger on Long Island
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