Tesla Mexico nearshoring concerns brought up by CMIC presidential candidate

(Credit: Tesla)

Luis Méndez, the sole national presidential candidate for the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry of Nuevo León (CMIC), talked a bit about the challenges nearshoring might bring as Tesla Gigafactory Mexico takes form. 

“We have a very interesting task in the coming years with the phenomenon of nearshoring, relocation becomes a very important issue in that sense. 95 percent of companies are micro and small, and the challenge is to train them more and more to face them,” commented Méndez.

When Méndez says nearshoring, he is talking about the companies that are expected to set up shop near or around the Nuevo León region. As a leader in the electric vehicle market, Tesla often attracts suppliers, and Gigafactory Mexico will be no different. Tesla usually develops a local supply chain around its gigafactories, meaning some of its foreign suppliers might also be looking to build around Nuevo León. 

The government of Nuevo León has already started preparing for a spike in nearshoring activity around what local media outlets call the “Tesla District.” The local government is expanding the Monterrey-Saltillio highway near Tesla’s Giga Mexico site in preparation for a spike in traffic. 

Tesla suppliers aren’t the only companies that might have plans to settle in Nuevo León or Mexico in general. Chinese automaker and Tesla rival BYD is also considering an EV plant in Mexico. BYD is specifically looking at sites in Nuevo León and Bajio.

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Tesla Mexico nearshoring concerns brought up by CMIC presidential candidate
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