Michelin launches first EV tire designed for Electric Sports Vehicles

Michelin announced the launch of its Pilot Sport EV tire, which was specifically created and designed for high-performance electric cars. The Pilot Sport EV tire will probably be popular among Tesla owners who love to take their vehicles to the track.

According to Michelin, the Pilot Sport EVs feature optimal grip on both dry and wet roads, and they have great resistance to wear. The Pilot Sport EV tire’s robust design might be notable to owners who love the track, considering that high-performance electric cars like the Tesla Model 3 Performance tend to wear out their tires quickly if they are driven extremely hard.

The Pilot Sport EV tires are also optimized with low rolling resistance, enabling range improvements of up to 37 miles. Michelin did an internal study last year with an electric car weighing 2,151 kg (4,700 lbs) that resulted in the vehicle traveling 60 km further when it was equipped with the Pilot Sport EV tires.

Michelin noted that the Pilot Sport EVs are also designed to have 20% less road noise, thanks to some custom-developed polyurethane foam that muffles sounds. Road noise is a notable issue for EVs, which may be why companies like DSP Concepts work hard to bring noise cancellation technology into the cabin. Tesla’s Model S and Model X refresh were specifically listed with noise cancellation technologies when announced.

Michelin’s Pilot Sport EV tires will also be eco-friendly. The tire manufacturing company has pledged to neutralize the CO2 emissions associated with tire production and transport to its point of sale. Michelin’s efforts would make the EV-centric tires just as friendly to the environment as the high-performance electric vehicles they support.

The Pilot Sport EV tires are already available in China and are expected to be available in Europe and North America by Q3 2021. Customers can choose between 16 sizes for 18 to 22-inch rims.

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Michelin launches first EV tire designed for Electric Sports Vehicles
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