Tesla to improve Model 3 backup camera picture quality via OTA updates

Tesla Model 3 backup camera [Credit: Model 3 Owners Club via YouTube]

Tesla is upgrading the picture quality of Model 3’s backup camera through software, which became evident after one Model 3 owner recently noticed improvements after paying a visit to their local Tesla Service Center. The update comes on the heels of criticism by Model 3 owners who claim that the image quality of the backup camera is subpar to its more premium siblings, the Model S and Model X.

Model 3 owner Doug Martoccia shared comparison photos, noting in his post on the Tesla Model 3 Facebook group: “While getting my charge port replaced, the Torrance SC installed a firmware update that improves the rear camera image. Better colors and not so contrasty. Below are two Model 3 images taken at different times of day.”

He shared the following before and after images of the Model 3’s backup camera image quality.

As could be seen in a comparison of pictures from the Model 3’s backup camera before and after the update, the difference in quality appears noticeable. Images captured after the latest Model 3 software update, for one, seem sharper, better exposed and more saturated.

A Tesla spokesperson confirmed with Teslarati that the company would be gradually improving the picture quality of the rearview camera over time through over-the-air software updates. The update will be rolled out to its fleet gradually, as is the case with most new features Tesla pushes out to its vehicles.

According to several longtime Tesla owners, the fisheye effect in Model 3’s backup camera is still far too prominent compared to the images displayed on the Model S and Model X. While this may be the case, however, some members of the online forum community have noted that the fisheye effect on the Model 3’s rear cameras might actually offer some additional benefits, since it would enable drivers to see blind spots better.

Since the Model 3 started making its way to customers, the Elon Musk-led electric carmaker had rolled out several updates that immediately improved the vehicle. In the past few weeks alone, Model 3 owners saw their cars gain the ability to automatically turn on their wipers using AI-based technology to detect moisture and rain. Drivers of the mass market electric compact sedan also noted that their cars are now capable of streaming HD radio.

In a lot of ways, the update to the Model 3’s backup camera is another case of Tesla listening to its customers and addressing their needs in the quickest time possible. Just eight days after hearing Model 3 drivers complain about their backup cameras’ quality, the California-based electric car maker managed to address the issue, proving yet again that it is a carmaker unlike any other in the auto industry.

Tesla to improve Model 3 backup camera picture quality via OTA updates
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