Tesla Model 3 Highland units arrive in Israel

Credit: Tesla Asia/X

Tesla Model 3 Highland units arrived in Ashdod, Israel, aboard the Gold Kochav. Pictures show a few hundred refresh Model 3s ready for delivery, most of which were white. 

In August, Tesla opened Model 3 Highland orders in Israel, following the upgraded model’s release in China. At the time, Tesla offered the Model 3 Highland RWD for a starting price of NIS 159,990 ($42,105.40), and the Long Range versions started at NIS 179,990 ($47,368.90) before options. 

The delivery window for the Tesla Model 3 in Israel was between October and November 2023. As of this writing, Tesla’s delivery estimate for the refresh Model 3 is between January and February 2024. The prices for Model 3 Highland RWD and Long Range variants remain the same. 

Late last month, a Model 3 Highland reservation holder from Dubai informed Teslarati that they received a delivery update for their order. Tesla informed the reservation holder that their delivery appointment would be on October 26. Deliveries for Israel were expected to start around the same time as Dubai. 

Israel is currently in turmoil with the Israel-Hamas war, which might make Tesla Model 3 Highland deliveries challenging. In mid-October, Tesla rolled out free Supercharging in Israel. The Texas-based factory has 17 Supercharger locations in Israel.

Tesla kicked off Model 3 Highland deliveries in Europe, starting with the first delivery in Germany. After refresh Model 3 deliveries in Germany, Tesla rolled out Highland units in The Netherlands. Earlier this month, Tesla started Model 3 deliveries in Austria.  

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Tesla Model 3 Highland units arrive in Israel
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