Rivian launches Commercial Van for more than just Amazon

Credit: Rivian

After initially developing the electric delivery van (EDV) exclusively for Amazon, Rivian has announced plans to offer the vehicle to additional commercial customers.

Rivian launched the commercial van in a press release on Tuesday, and the vehicle is set to become available to U.S. businesses as soon as next year. Built on the same platform as the Amazon EDV, the commercial van will be offered in two sizes, and Rivian says it plans to begin with small-scale orders in 2024 before scaling deliveries in 2025.

The vans are also expected to save millions of metric tons of carbon annually, and the expanded offerings come in addition to Amazon’s plans to put 100,000 Rivian EDVs on roads by 2030.

“Around a quarter of CO2 emitted in the US transportation sector comes from commercial vans,” Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe said in the press release. “We can make a real difference in helping businesses reduce their carbon output, to help make our cities and our planet less polluted.”

According to Rivian’s Fleet page, the smaller Delivery 500 starts at $83,000 per unit and has an estimated range of 161 miles, while the larger Delivery 700 starts at $87,000 per unit and is estimated to offer up to 153 miles in range. Those who are interested in purchasing a batch of the electric commercial vans for their company can contact Rivian’s fleet sales team.

The Delivery 500 has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 9,350 pounds, a 2,734-pound payload and a wheelbase measuring 157.5 inches. Meanwhile, the Delivery 700 has a 9,500-pound GVWR, a 2,513-pound payload and a wheelbase of 187 inches.

You can see the full specs for both configurations below.

Credit: Rivian

Credit: Rivian

Credit: Rivian

The vans are set to include a sliding curb-side door, a roll-up door on the rear and an automated bulk-head door. Interior features include a 15.6-inch touch display, a 360-degree camera system, a temperature-controlled driver’s seat and a heated steering wheel.

The automaker also says the vans will include its in-house software, which will be used to control everything from locking and unlocking the vehicle and opening the bulk-head door to charging and some acceleration controls. Along with these controls, Rivian says the software gives drivers and companies easy access to fleet information such as real-time data, remote commands, driver and vehicle insights and other analytic details.

Amazon reported last month that it had received more than 10,000 of Rivian’s delivery vans, adding that the vehicles are now operational in 1,800 U.S. cities. Rivian was spotted testing its smaller EDV 500 back in March, as seen under a covering on public U.S. roads. The company also launched its first batch of the Amazon vans in Europe in July, beginning with Germany.

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Rivian launches Commercial Van for more than just Amazon
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