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Tesla Model 3 secretly snagged by Hyundai for benchmarking

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Hyundai has been allegedly caught benchmarking a Tesla Model 3 by a Twitter user who rented the car out on Turo.

While Tesla is currently in a dominant position within the EV market of the United States, Hyundai hopes to change that in the coming years, and it has introduced a vast number of EVs to take on their American counterpart. Now, it has been discovered that Hyundai has benchmarked the Tesla Model 3 against the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 6.

The strange saga of the snagged Tesla Model 3 has been outlined in a series of tweets from the Twitter account FSD & Chill. The user describes lending out the Tesla Model 3 through Turo and discovering that it has been taken for testing by a Hyundai employee.

The discovery became apparent when the Tesla owner received numerous notifications that the car’s doors had been left open for an extended time, leading him to look at the live cameras on each side of the vehicle, only to find that it had been placed in what looks like an office building with Hyundai posters on many of the walls.

After looking through the vehicle’s cameras, the Tesla owner allegedly talked with the person they loaned their vehicle to, leading to the discovery that they were a Hyundai employee and the Tesla was being used for benchmarking purposes.

Hyundai was not immediately available to comment to Teslarati regarding the alleged benchmarking, though the imagery from the Model 3’s cameras does seem quite damning.

The Tesla owner notes that the Model 3 was measured and used to compare seating arrangements and its self-driving capabilities against a Hyundai IONIQ 6 sedan, which is hitting U.S. showrooms later this year.

It should be noted that benchmarking is nothing new to the automotive industry and is a key part of how the industry works to improve year over year. As automakers learn from their competitors’ designs, they can learn what works and what doesn’t, as well as what customers really want. This means the market is filled with better consumer offerings and a more competitive market that constantly strives to offer the best.

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Tesla Model 3 secretly snagged by Hyundai for benchmarking
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