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Hyundai announces pricing for the IONIQ 6 sedan

Credit: Hyundai

Hyundai has announced the pricing for the upcoming Hyundai IONIQ 6 sport sedan.

The Hyundai IONIQ 6 captivated onlookers when it was revealed in the second half of last year. Its smooth aerodynamic design and exciting design language from the IONIQ 5 made it an immediate show stopper, and with a set of solid specs to boot, it looked like a world beater. Now, Hyundai has released the pricing structure for the new electric sedan ahead of its launch this summer.

The Hyundai IONIQ 6 will start at $41,600 for the single-motor, RWD, standard-range 53kWh version. The sedan can be spec’d up to $56,100 for the dual-motor, AWD, long-range model. Hyundai notes that all vehicles come with a $1,115 delivery fee.

IONIQ 6 Trim Level Electric Powertrain Drivetrain Driving Range MSRP[v]
SE RWD Standard Range (18-inch wheels) 149HP rear motor RWD 240 miles $41,600
SE RWD Long Range (18-inch wheels) 225HP rear motor RWD 361 miles $45,500
SE AWD Long Range (18-inch wheels) 320HP dual motor AWD 316 miles $49,000
SEL RWD (20-inch wheels) 225HP rear motor RWD 305 miles $47,700
SEL AWD (20-inch wheels) 320HP dual motor AWD 270 miles $51,200
Limited RWD (20-inch wheels) 225HP rear motor RWD 305 miles $52,600
Limited AWD (20-inch wheels) 320HP dual motor AWD 270 miles $56,100

While Hyundai is bringing some incredibly impressive specs, including 18-minute charging thanks to the vehicle’s 800-volt architecture, 320 max horsepower, and a max range of 361 miles, it remains unclear if its pricing is aggressive enough in the increasingly competitive EV market.

Foremost, because the new IONIQ 6 isn’t assembled in North America, it doesn’t qualify for the federal EV incentive of $7,500. Nonetheless, with its roughly $40,000 starting price, the IONIQ 6 is nearly a full $10,000 cheaper than the average used Tesla. Further, looking at the market overall, the IONIQ 6 falls substantially under the average EV MSRP of roughly $60,000.

Perhaps the most price-competitive spec of the Hyundai IONIQ 6 is the highest-range trim, coming in at $45,500 with a 225 horsepower single-motor RWD system fed by a 77.4kWh battery. Thanks to the Hyundai’s incredible aero design, this trim can achieve a range of 361 miles while retaining a sporty feel and a respectable 0-60.

With used EVs becoming an increasingly better deal, Hyundai may face a sales challenge it has not yet had to deal with. Though with the incredible demand for EVs, there is no doubt the IONIQ 6 is poised for success. Hopefully, Hyundai and other manufacturers can work over the coming years to continue to drop their prices and allow more people than ever to electrify their rides.

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Hyundai announces pricing for the IONIQ 6 sedan
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