Tesla Model 3 proves it’s at home on the track in Japan’s all-EV Grand Prix

(Credit: Japan Electric Vehicle Race Association)

It was Tesla Model 3 vs Tesla Model 3 vs Tesla Model 3 in Round 6 of the all-EV Grand Prix in Japan. Based on footage of the race, it was a tight race all the way to the finish line. Each Model 3 driver gave his all, but only one could take the number one spot.

Tesla was not the only EV car brand represented in Round 6 of the Japan EV Grand Prix, which was organized by the Japan Electric Vehicle Race Association. However, the Tesla Model 3s seemed primed to take the day as soon as the vehicles hit the track.

Two of the Model 3 vehicles in the race were tuned by Unplugged Performance in partnership with Team Taisan Todai: a Midnight Silver Metallic Model 3 and another that featured a red and black wrap. A white, two-toned Model 3 was tuned by fellow EV tuning house Mountainpass Performance.

(Credit: Japan Electric Vehicle Race Association)

Each Model 3 performed well during the qualifying sessions, seemingly determined to prove their mettle before the race even started. The EV’s times were very close, forecasting the teeth-gritting race ahead.

Unplugged Performance’s vehicles did well. The Midnight Silver Model 3, driven by Hikaru Jitosho, finished the qualifying session in 1’02.325. The red and back Model 3, with EJ Chiba in the driver’s seat, completed the run in 1’03.812. Chiba’s Model 3 placed third during the qualifying session.

With a time of 1’02.378, the Model 3 tuned by Mountainpass narrowly missed first place, but still delivered an impressive run. As the vehicle with the best time, Unplugged’s Midnight Silver Model 3 took pole position.

The qualifying sessions’ results proved to be almost prophetic as each Tesla Model 3 pushed to take the number one spot. In the end, it was Unplugged Performance’s Model 3s that placed first and second. Jitosho took the gold in his Midnight Silver Model 3.

Ultimately, it was Tesla that won that day. Seeing not one but three Model 3 vehicles in the all-EV Grand Prix was a sight to behold. It seemed like the culmination of Tesla and its supportive community’s hard work. The Tesla community has always strived to prove their EV vehicles’ muster and the Model 3 cars showcased just that.

(Credit: Japan Electric Vehicle Race Association)

Ben Schaffer, CEO of Unplugged Performance, talked about the atmosphere of the event, which was competitive and supportive at the same time in a statement to Teslarati. This was especially notable as some of the vehicles in the competition were more heavily-modified, while Unplugged’s cars featured more conservative modifications.

“The competition in JEVRA is very intense. That being said, we’re grateful to be asked and to support other drivers in the series with a variety of our tuning parts as well. Our mission, we feel, is bigger than simply trophies and competition, so we are always pleased to support every Tesla owner to go faster regardless of whether they race for our team or the competition. We’re all in this Tesla mission for a sustainable future together!” Schaffer remarked.

Tesla’s win was also a win for everyone in the EV community. But ultimately, the three Model 3’s picture-perfect finishes revealed that all-electric cars can be and are already legitimate track weapons.

Watch the Tesla Model 3 tear up the track in Japan in the video below.

Tesla Model 3 proves it’s at home on the track in Japan’s all-EV Grand Prix
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