Tesla Model 3, Model Y gets $1k price increase & new free paint option

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla has raised the price of the Model 3 and Model Y by $1,000 in a fresh round of price adjustments. The company also updated its free paint options for its two best-selling vehicles. 

With the recent round of price increases in place, the Model 3 RWD (previously the Model 3 Standard Range Plus) is now priced at $44,990 before options. The Model 3 Long Range and Model 3 Performance now cost $50,990 and $58,990 before options, respectively. 

On the Model Y’s side, the Long Range variant’s price also received a $1,000 increase, with the vehicle now priced at $57,990 before options. Finally, the Model Y Performance is now priced at $62,990 before options.

The Model 3 and Model Y’s price increase suggest that Tesla may still be facing supply challenges. During the 2021 Annual Shareholders Meeting, Elon Musk explained that the price increases were caused by supply chain challenges that have affected many industries. 

“Our goal really is to make the cars as affordable as possible. We are seeing significant cost pressure in our supply chain, and so we’ve had to increase—at least temporarily,” said Elon Musk. “But we do hope to actually reduce the prices over time and make them more affordable.”

He mentioned that flying parts around the world alone was costly for Tesla. At the Q3 earnings call, Tesla CFO Zach Kirkhorn stated that moving parts and sourcing parts contributed to the increased demand for service. 

“There may have been some demand for service during 2020 or in the early parts of 2021 that customers put off, and so there’s a bit of a catch-up that’s occurring,” Kirkhorn said. “That has increased demand for service. At the same time, in the macro-environment here, logistics, moving parts, sourcing parts has become increasingly more difficult, which is a well-known issue in the world right now, as well as challenges in the labor market.”

Besides the $1,000 price increase, Tesla also added another free color option. Now, Model 3 and Model Y reservation holders can choose between Midnight Silver Metallic or Pearl White Multi-coat as free color options. The new free color option shows Elon Musk’s ability to quickly implement changes at Tesla. 

Musk first talked about changing Tesla’s free color option last month. A Tesla owner suggested changing the default free color because there were already too many white Model 3s and Model Ys on the road. Later that month, Giga Berlin’s three color options were revealed in the source code of the Tesla App. The three color options for Giga Berlin were Deep Crimson Multicoat, Abyss Blue Multicoat, and Mercury Silver Metallic. 

The silver paint color will probably be the free option for Giga Berlin reservation holders. Tesla may have taken a cue from that and chose to make Midnight Silver Metallic a free color option in North America as well. Giga Shanghai’s free paint option is Pure Black.

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Tesla Model 3, Model Y gets $1k price increase & new free paint option
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