Tesla Model S Firmware 6.0 will have full suspension control

UPDATE: 8/21/14 – Leaked Tesla Firmware 6.0 Pictures Reveals Keyless Driving

UPDATE: 9/25/14 – Tesla Firmware 6 Reviews

Elon Musk recently paid a visit to Norway where he held an hour and a half long Q&A session in an auditorium full of Tesla Model S owners and fans.

Among the topics of discussion was Firmware 6.0, which introduces the ability for Model S owners to gain full control of the air suspension settings.

Tesla Model S Firmware 6.0 Suspension ControlAccording to Musk, “Version 6.0” is nearly complete and just weeks away from being released to the market. The firmware update will re-introduce the ability for the Model S to automatically lower at a given speed – a hotly debated topic after Firmware 5.8 saw the removal of the feature set which many believed it to be a proactive stance by the auto manufacturer to address the ongoing fire investigations by the NHTSA.

Firmware 6.0 will provide Model S owners the ability to manually set the transition height of the air suspension across a much wider range of speeds. Lowering and raising of the vehicle will be 100% configurable and no longer a guessing game on if and when the automatic suspension will engage.

Aside from the suspension controls, the Tesla Model S Firmware 6.0 will also introduce real-time traffic information thereby making navigation and driving time calculations much more precise. Stay tuned as we provide a full breakdown of the Tesla Model S Firwmare 6.0 features.

Update: Feb 9, 2014
As originally reported, Firmware 6.0 for the Model S should be weeks away, but today’s tweet from Elon Musk suggests that it [V6 software] may be arriving any day now.



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