Tesla Model S P100D slays twin Dodge Challenger SRT Demons in drag race

[Credit: Tesla Racing Channel/YouTube]

There is something satisfying about seeing two incredibly powerful cars taking on each other at the drag strip. In the case of the Tesla Model S P100D and the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, any battle involving these two vehicles are always bound to be compelling. This is because the two vehicles have quite a lot of history between them.

Back in February 2017, auto publication Motor Trend crowned the Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous Mode as the first production car that was able to break the 2.3-second barrier. In the publication’s test, the all-electric family sedan was able to hit the 60 mph mark in precisely 2.275507139 seconds. A few months after this, Dodge took the wraps off its premier muscle car, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, a vehicle designed to dominate the drag strip completely. During the Demon’s unveiling, Dodge executives noted that the 840-hp monster (808 hp without 100 octane racing fuel) would be quicker from 0-60 than the Tesla Model S P100D. Dodge also revealed the Demon’s performance results in the quarter-mile, and they were nothing short of incredible. Zero to 60 in 2.1 seconds, 0-100 mph in 5.1 seconds, and a quarter-mile time of 9.65 seconds at 140 mph.

As later bouts with the Model S P100D would later show, pulling out all the potential of the Dodge Demon takes a very skilled driver and a particular set of conditions. This was evident during Dodge’s 2.1-second 0-60 run, which was conducted on a regulation drag strip that was coated with sticky resin. This gave the monster muscle car extra grip, preventing it from spinning out and losing precious milliseconds. Motor Trend‘s test of the P100D, on the other hand, was conducted on regular dry asphalt.

Thus, if conditions are preferable, and if the Dodge Demon hooks, it should have no problem beating the Model S P100D. As a recent video from the Tesla Racing Channel would show, the Model S P100D won’t go down easily even if the Dodge Demon does not run into any traction issues.

Tesla Racing Channel has been around for a while, at one point even racing with a gutted Model S P100D, which was able to stand toe-to-toe even with the most extreme fossil fuel-powered drag cars. This time around, though, the veteran electric racer took a stock Model S P100D to the track, to see how well it does on bracket racing. Bracket Racing is a form of drag racing that places a premium on the consistency of the driver and car’s performance. To win in Bracket Races, drivers need to excel in reaction times, as well as hitting the finish line as close to their dial-in time as possible. In the case of Model S P100D and the Dodge Demon, the drivers opted for a dial-in time of 11.0 seconds.

Tesla Model S P100D vs Dodge Demon drag race results. [Credit: Tesla Racing Channel/YouTube]

The first race involved the Model S P100D completely dominating the Dodge Demon, crossing the finish line at 10.837 seconds (0.163 seconds off the dial-in time). The Demon, for its part, crossed the quarter-mile mark in 11.185 seconds (0.185 seconds off the dial-in time). The Dodge Demon in the next race actually performed better, catching up to the Model S P100D midway through the race. The Demon’s driver seemed to have gotten a bit overexcited, though, causing the muscle car to “break-out.” Breaking out happens when a racer crosses the finish line in less time than the dial-in time. This happened to the second Demon’s driver, who missed the 11.0 dial-in time by 0.307 seconds. Exhibiting his veteran drag racing skills, the Model S P100D driver actually braked close to the finish line, crossing the quarter-mile mark in 10.941 seconds, just 0.059 seconds off the dial-in time.

Overall, the Model S P100D’s recent races with the twin Dodge Demons exhibited just how quick and consistent Tesla’s electric cars are in terms of their performance. With an experienced driver behind the wheel, even Tesla’s family sedan becomes a monster of its own on the drag strip – one that takes a perfect set of conditions and a perfect setup to beat.

Watch Tesla Racing Channel‘s battle with the twin Dodge Challenger SRT Demons in the video below.

Tesla Model S P100D slays twin Dodge Challenger SRT Demons in drag race
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