Tesla Model S P100D up for grabs in Dream Giveaway’s first EV prize, June 25 deadline

(Photo: Dream Giveaway)

Dream Giveaway, just as the company’s name suggests, is in the business of giving away vehicles that one would classify as a “dream car.” Starting with two Chevrolet Corvettes in 2008, the Florida-based organization has expanded its national sweepstakes initiative over the year. By popular demand, the organization has turned its sights on another American muscle car this year: one that boasts 920 lb-ft of torque and a 0-60 mph time of 2.2 seconds – the Tesla Model S P100D.

The world’s fastest production car happens to be Dream Giveaway’s first all-electric vehicle prize, which the company is set to give in July. The last day to enter will be June 25, 2019.

More than an organization that gives away America’s most-desired vehicles, Dream Giveaway also supports several humanitarian causes. Tickets for the Model S P100D are not even acquired through regular purchases. Instead, they are obtained depending on the amount of donations that participants in the sweepstakes wish to give.

Dream Giveaway’s Tesla Model S P100D. [Credit: Dream Giveaway]

A key nonprofit that will be supported by the Tesla Model S P100D raffle is Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), a grassroots movement that started back in 1980 by a mother in an unassuming American kitchen table. During that year, the number of deaths from drunk driving ended up exceeding the number of deaths from wars fought by America. The number of fatalities from drunk driving has largely decreased over the years, thanks to the advent of safety-focused vehicles like the Model S. But there’s still work to be done, and MADD pledges to see things through until drunk driving deaths reach zero.

It should be noted that MADD is but the tip of the iceberg for the organizations that will benefit from Dream Giveaway’s Tesla Model S P100D sweepstakes. Other benefactors for the Model S giveaway are Honor Flight of West Central Florida, which helps veterans visit memorials free of charge; Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, which helps Detroit’s homeless population; Smile Network International, which aids kids born with a cleft palate; the National Guard Educational Foundation (NGEF), which aims to raise awareness about the work of the National Guard; and Bright Pink, which is dedicated to the prevention and early detection of breast cancer.

The winner of Dream Giveaway’s Tesla Model S P100D sweepstakes will be bringing home a pretty unique vehicle. Since acquiring the car, the organization has given the Tesla a number of upgrades, in the form of aftermarket wheels, a carbon fiber interior trim, and lowered suspension. A Tesla wall charger is also bundled with the vehicle, and all of its taxes, which are worth around $35,000, have been paid.

Don’t miss this last chance to participate in Dream Giveaway’s Model S P100D sweepstakes. Enter by June 25, 2019, and get a chance to take home this all-electric beast.

Dream Giveaway originally reached out to Teslarati with the goal of raising awareness for New Beginning Children’s Homes, through a sponsorship that would amplify reach for their The Tesla Model S P100D sweepstakes.

Tesla Model S P100D up for grabs in Dream Giveaway’s first EV prize, June 25 deadline
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