Tesla Model S ‘Cheetah Mode’ vs Porsche Taycan Turbo S face off in test of raw power

Tesla Model S vs. Porsche Taycan Turbo S race it out. | Credit: carwow/YoTube

The Tesla Model S Performance has been put to the test in one drag race after the other over the years, nearly every time blowing its competition – whether electric or gas – out of the water. With the Porsche Taycan making an appearance in 2019, however, Tesla’s flagship sedan seems to have finally met its match on the strip.

In a video published by YouTube channel carwow, the Tesla Model S Performance, using Ludicrous Mode and the latest ‘Cheetah Stance’ launch mode, was put up against a Porsche Taycan Turbo S in several heats. The result? It appears that Porsche is really up for a battle of the ages and intends to win.

Two quarter-mile drag races crowned the Taycan with a best time of 10.3 seconds over the Model S time of 10.4 seconds. Two rolling runs, one from 30 mph, the other from 70 mph, also saw the Taycan pull away from the Tesla quite handily. Refusing to plateau, Porsche’s top-tier EV simply kept accelerating after hitting Autobahn speeds.

No tricks. No questionable circumstances. No overly apparent bias.

Host and driver Mat Watson was particularly concerned with fairness and accuracy to keep Tesla fans happy, especially as the winner became clear. In fact, Watson admitted to being quite surprised by the results himself, hence the multiple runs to try and eliminate variables that could have significant impact. Regardless of expectations, it was a good day for EVs and the coming fun they promise.

Overall, Porsche seems to have taken its new role as an electric car manufacturer as seriously as it has taken its earned reputation as a beast on the race track. The expanded torque band and superior deceleration of the Taycan also demonstrates that the German automaker’s answer to Tesla’s Model S is ready for competition beyond just the quarter mile.

Of course, the Tesla Model S Performance put up a good fight – a great one, really. There’s obviously much more to consider in a vehicle purchase than whether it can best a car twice its price in a drag race over .1 seconds or pull away on a straight bit of road with no other obstacles. At a starting price of right around $100k for the Model S vs. the Taycan Turbo S starting price of $185k, the value aspect certainly seems to be in Tesla’s favor. There’s also one more thing to consider for any undecided buyers with these two vehicles under consideration:

Tesla Model S Plaid is coming.

Tesla Model S ‘Cheetah Mode’ vs Porsche Taycan Turbo S face off in test of raw power
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