Tesla Model X driver shares unbelievable story of DEA plane crashing into car

[Credit: Oniel Kurup/Facebook]

While driving at west Houston near Sugar Land, TX, Tesla Model X owner and local businessman Oniel Kurup was involved in what could only be described as a very unusual accident — his all-electric SUV was hit by a crashing airplane from the Drug Enforcement Agency.

The unique accident transpired on Wednesday, when a DEA airplane experienced a mechanical problem during a training mission. The pilot of the aircraft attempted to land on the road, and during the daring maneuver, the plane clipped several power lines and struck several vehicles. The pilot escaped harm, but one person involved in the accident was injured nonetheless.

One of the vehicles caught in the path of the crashing airplane was Oniel’s Model X. Describing his experience in a later Facebook post, Oniel noted that he saw his life flash before his eyes for a minute, and it made him realize that all it takes is a second for a potentially deadly accident to happen. While a good part of the Model X’s front was torn off when the airplane crashed into it, Oniel noted that he and his companion were able to escape the accident without a single scratch.

An airplane from the DEA crashes into a Tesla Model X. [Credit: Oniel Kurup/Facebook]

In a statement to Chron, Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls stated that the sequence of events prior to the plane crash would have been incredibly frightening to the motorists involved. While there was an injury that resulted from the incident, the sheriff stated that events could have been a lot more catastrophic.

“Imagine you’re just driving down Voss Road in Fort Bend County and all the sudden an aircraft strikes your vehicle. That would be enough to put me in cardiac arrest. We are very fortunate that this was not much more catastrophic than what it was,” Nehls said.

Oniel noted that the unusual nature of the accident caused some disbelief among those he informed after the accident. His wife, for one, thought it was a joke at first, and when he called Tesla to say that a plane crashed into his Model X, a representative from the company reportedly thought it was a prank call.

An airplane from the DEA crashes into a Tesla Model X. [Credit: Oniel Kurup/Facebook]

Oniel’s account of his Model X’s unusual accident has caught the attention of the greater Tesla community, particularly as the unfortunate event once more highlights just how safe the company’s electric cars are. Elon Musk has expressed his surprise on Twitter as well, while airing his relief that the Model X owner and his passenger were able to come out of the accident unharmed.

The Tesla Model X has earned stellar safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which awarded the vehicle with a full 5-star crash rating for all categories and subcategories. The all-electric SUV has shown some impressive feats of strength and durability in the past; such as this past March, when a parked Model X survived without a scratch after a tree fell on it during a snowstorm. The vehicle is also known for towing incredibly heavy loads, such as 250,000 lbs worth of dirt from a Boring Company tunnel.

Tesla Model X driver shares unbelievable story of DEA plane crashing into car
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