Tesla will provide Model X owners with a windshield sunshade free of charge

Tesla’s expansive panoramic Model X front windshield provides little protection from sunlight

Tesla has sent emails to existing Model X owners notifying them that the company will be mailing a Front Upper Windshield Sunshade to them free of charge. The sunshade has been a frequently asked for item by Model X owners within the Tesla forum and Facebook community primarily because the expansive panoramic windshield, while beautiful to look at and functional, has minimal protection from sunlight.

The huge windshield which extends from the base of the hood all the way to the B-pillar cross member where the structure for the falcon wing doors begin, is protected with a UV coating that offers some protection from heat transfer but limited in what it can do in terms of blocking out light. Instead the Model X is equipped with a unique side pillar-mounted sunvisor that doubles as a vanity mirror though far too thin to provide adequate coverage from sunlight.

Model X owners have taken to YouTube to show just what it’s like to be in the Model X when faced with overhead sunlight.

According to the email sent by Tesla to Model X owners, the new Front Upper Windshield Sunshade will block 66% of light and heat coming through the front upper windshield.

The full description from the company’s email reads as follows:

Front Upper Windshield Sunshade

“To further enhance your Model X, we plan to send a Front Upper Windshield Sunshade to you directly, free of charge. The Model X sunshade can block two thirds of light and heat coming through the front upper windshield and its lightweight and flexible construction allows for easy storage and installation within seconds. To ensure we have the most up to date information, please log in to your MyTesla account and confirm your mailing address. For instructions on how to install your sunshade, click here.”

The flexible mesh sunshade attaches to the gap between the windshield and headliner, and rests on the rear view mirror assembly as seen in the photo below. Tesla has provided the full instructions for installing the sunshade in PDF form on its website.


Tesla will provide Model X owners with a windshield sunshade free of charge
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