Tesla owner gets rare Model Y interior tour after spotting crossover while Supercharging

Tesla Model Y interior details (Souce: Michael Hughes | Twitter)

One lucky Tesla owner had the rare opportunity to go inside a Model Y and give their account of how the interior of the all-electric crossover compares to their Model 3 sedan.

Michael Hughes, who goes by the handle @mickthughes on Twitter,  shared his experience with the Model Y after spotting it at the San Luis Obispo Supercharger station on the central coast of California. According to the Model 3 owner, the Tesla employee that was driving the Model Y allowed him to briefly explore the vehicle’s front and second-row seating.  “I got to sit in front passenger and back passenger seats,” noted Hughes, adding that the vehicle had an “amazing layout/storage space & seating.”


Hughes wasn’t able to snap photos of the Model Y’s interior upon the request of the Tesla employee but was able to share some interesting details about the crossover.

According to the Model 3 owner, the Model Y’s front looks very similar to the mass-produced sedan up close but the back clearly differed. Hughes also pointed out Model Y’s glass roof that no crossbeam, making for an expansive and unobstructed overhead view. The interior is far roomier than the Model 3 and its rear seats can accommodate three adult passengers comfortably, according to Hughes.

The storage of the Model Y is also bigger than that of the Model 3. The speakers have been moved to free more side storage. He also noticed that the seats can “power” fold with a press of a button.

A recent sighting of the Model Y next to a Model X revealed how the size of the crossover is surprisingly close to the Tesla SUV. The Model Y was almost as tall as the Model X, which has a standard height of 66 inches. The width of the two vehicles shows that the flagship SUV is larger than the Model Y but it appears Tesla was able to design the upcoming crossover to have a roomy interior despite sharing most of its DNA with the smaller Model 3 sedan.

The Tesla Model Y that Hughes checked out at the charging station did not have a third-row seat but he noticed a space that might be allotted for the optional configuration. Over the weekend, a Japanese blog posted a new photo of the Tesla Model Y third-row seats and there were also car seat rails that will allow occupants to adjust the second-row seats to provide comfortable legroom for the occupants at the rearmost passenger seats. With third-row seats, the Model Y will be able to accommodate seven passengers, perhaps a big advantage over its competitors such as the Audi Q5, BMW X3, and the Jaguar I-PACE that’s designed to seat five passengers.


The Model Y isn’t just a chunkier Model 3 and a smaller Model Y but it’s sounding that it will have a character of its own. The Tesla Model Y’s CARB certification was recently published, hinting that deliveries might come sooner than expected. Model Y production was initially planned to begin Summer 2020 but now expected to begin as early as this quarter.

The Model Y will be sold in three variants. The Rear-wheel Drive Long Range version will go for $48,000 while the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Long Range and Performance versions will sell for $52,000 and $62,000, respectively, before potential savings.

Tesla owner gets rare Model Y interior tour after spotting crossover while Supercharging
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