Tesla says Model Y refresh won’t be launching in North America in 2024

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Tesla has confirmed that it won’t be launching a refreshed version of the Model Y in 2024, after it has been reported to begin production later this year.

Following a Reuters report that said Tesla would launch production of the Model Y “Juniper” in October of this year, an internal communication from the company has now confirmed that the refreshed SUV won’t be launching in North America in 2024 after all.

Tesla has sent an email to delivery advisors in the market instructing them to “communicate transparently” about the fact that there won’t be a Model Y refresh this year, as spotted by Teslascope and shared with a screenshot on X on Saturday.

“We heard your feedback that some customers are waiting to place their Model Y order as they anticipate a refresh similar to Model 3,” writes Tesla in the message. “It is important that we communicate transparently that there is no refresh for Model Y launching this year.”

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Teslascope and others still predict that there will be a Model Y refresh in the coming years, and maybe by as soon as the first or second quarter of 2025—or even earlier for other markets.

Some suspect that Tesla will launch the upgraded Model Y in Europe and Asia first, then North America, as it did with the refreshed Model 3. If following the same timeline as the Model 3, a refreshed Model Y could be launched in the European and Asian markets by the end of this year, with Tesla later launching the vehicle in North America in January, as some speculate.

Tesla also introduced temporary Model Y price cuts in North America over the weekend, marking the first time the automaker has adjusted pricing mid-quarter with such a specific deadline.

Tesla has also been offering incentives for those who take delivery by March 31, including a $1,000 discount for new purchases from early Cybertruck reservation holders. The automaker has also re-introduced free transfers of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta, after launching a similar initiative last fall, along with offering transfers of the lifetime free Supercharging perk.

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Tesla says Model Y refresh won’t be launching in North America in 2024
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