Tesla secures permission to start selling the Model Y in China

Credit: thedipdr

Tesla China continues to blitz towards the impending ramp of the Model Y in Gigafactory Shanghai, with the EV maker securing the necessary permissions to start selling the all-electric crossover in the country. The approval was published by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on its website on Monday.

Tesla applied for the Made-in-China Model Y’s sales permission earlier this month. The application comes amidst sightings of trial production Model Y around the country and within the Gigafactory Shanghai complex. With these developments in mind, it appears that Tesla China is poised to start delivering the Model Y to customers in early 2021.

As observed by Tesla owner-investor @Ray4Tesla, the Made-in-China Model Y has also been included in the 12th batch of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) that are recommended by the country. The all-electric crossover is also poised to be exempted from purchase taxes, which stand at about 10%.

Assuming that Tesla is also able to secure a production permit for the Made-in-China Model Y, the electric car maker could very well start a serious ramp of the vehicle’s production soon.

With the Model Y entering the Chinese EV market, the reach of the electric car maker in the country would likely see a boost. The Model Y, after all, is a crossover, which competes in a segment that is far more popular and lucrative than the sedan market, which the domestically-produced Model 3 competes in.

Tesla China is poised to take on a larger role in the EV maker’s global operations, with Gigafactory Shanghai recently producing vehicles that are designed for export to the European market. Reports indicate that next year, Tesla plans to produce 550,00 vehicles in Gigafactory Shanghai alone, over 100,000 of which will be intended for exports.

Tesla secures permission to start selling the Model Y in China
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