Tesla Model Y still dominating in California

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The Tesla Model Y is definitely becoming more and more ubiquitous on California’s roads. This was highlighted in a new report from the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA), which showed that Tesla’s all-electric crossover stood at the top of the state’s best-selling vehicles list in the third quarter. 

As per the CNCDA’s report, Tesla sold 61,544 Model Ys in the third quarter in California, effectively making it the top-selling vehicle in the state. The Model Y’s sedan sibling, the Model 3, also completed Q3 2022 on a strong note with 56,851 units sold during the quarter. This is particularly impressive for Tesla’s two mass-market cars, considering that the Model Y and Model 3 are both premium EVs that are priced higher than other best-selling vehicles in the market like the Toyota Camry and the Honda CR-V. 

Even more impressive was the fact that California’s new vehicle market actually fell 16.1% during the first three quarters of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. CNCDA President Brian Maas noted that there are concerns about the state’s auto market, such as increasing interest rates and the overall cost of new cars. “I think what’s happening in our marketplace is there’s not enough vehicles to meet demand,” Maas said. 

The average price of a new vehicle has also risen to over $45,000, representing a new high. Overall, more than 1.2 million cars have been sold in California since the beginning of the year, but 2 million vehicles was largely considered a more conventional target. Tesla has done particularly well even with its high-priced offerings like the Model Y amidst this environment. Maas noted that Tesla’s performance is unsurprising, as the company’s vehicles appeal to the state’s car buyers. 

“It’s not surprising. I think Tesla’s done very well appealing to California buyers interested in the brand as well as converting to electric vehicles… It’s not surprising that folks who want those vehicles are willing to pay more,” Maas said. 

Tesla currently lists the Model Y Long Range for $65,990 before incentives, while the Model Y Performance, the vehicle’s top trim, is listed at $69,990 before incentives. This makes the Model Y very costly, but it’s also hard to argue against the vehicle considering what it offers customers in terms of features, performance, and safety. 

Check out California’s Q3 2022 data below. 

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Tesla Model Y still dominating in California
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