Tesla launches Powerwall 3 in Germany, following the UK

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has performed back-to-back launches of the next-generation Powerwall 3 home battery, now debuting the hardware in a second European country.

Just minutes after Tesla officially announced the arrival of the Powerwall 3 in the UK on Monday, the company’s Energy account on X shared that the equipment is also now available in Germany. In both countries, Tesla says the Powerwall 3 is available with zero value-added tax (VAT), now becoming the fourth country to get the next-generation energy storage product.

Tesla’s Powerwall 3 was first spotted being quitely installed around the U.S. last year, and Elon Musk in September finally publicly addressed the wave of next-gen Powerwall installations. He pointed out at the time that the new Powerwall was optimized for easy installations and high power, meaning that it works as a source of uninterrupted power in most cases.

Although Tesla began listing specs for the Powerwall 3 on its website later that month, the company didn’t officially launch the product in the U.S. until February. Last month, Tesla debuted the Powerwall 3 in Canada, becoming the second country to get access to the next-gen product.

Today, those in most markets can still only buy the Powerwall 2, though Tesla has also deployed some software updates to improve the home battery device over the years.

One of the differences between the Powerwall 2 and 3 include the addition of a built-in solar inverter and system controller in the next-gen version. In addition, Musk highlighted the importance of the Powerwall 3’s increased peak power in a post on X, just following its official launch.

“What matters most about Powerwall 3 is that it can handle peak power of ~30kW, which is enough to handle dryers & air-conditioners,” Musk wrote. “This means that a single Powerwall is now enough for most homes.”

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Tesla launches Powerwall 3 in Germany, following the UK
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