Tesla Powerwall soars in Australia, contributing 34 MW of growth

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Australian citizens are coming more in-tuned with the idea of powering their homes with sustainable energy, and they’re choosing Tesla Powerwalls for their energy storage needs.

A subsidiary of SPI Energy, a Hong Kong-based renewable energy company that operates in several different countries, recorded over 34 megawatts of total growth into the residential sector of Australia in 2020 because of Powerwall installations alone. The subsidiary, known as Solar Juice, operates in Australia and sells solar panels, inverters, energy storage systems, and Balance of Solar (BOS) components.

Solar Juice operates as a wholesaler and sells several different brands of panels and inverters, ranging from LG, Sungrow, FIMER, Opal Solar, and Astronergy, among others. While Solar Juice offers so many different options for other products, it only offers two in terms of energy storage: the Tesla Powerwall, and another storage solution from LG Chem. However, the Powerwall contributed to substantial growth in the sustainable energy sector in Australia in 2020, being the most popular option for consumers.

Solar Juice stated that it sold 2,447 Tesla Powerwall home batteries with a capacity of over 34 MW, making it the most popular energy storage solution for the residential market.

Australia has been one area where sustainable energy has caught on tremendously, and Tesla’s products appear to be some of the most favorable in the market. The country is filled with sunny days, with some areas seeing more than 300 days of clear skies every year, making it an ideal location for solar energy solutions to be paired with the climate for clean power.

Tesla Powerwalls selected for first 100% solar and battery neighborhood in Australia

Andrew Burgess, Sales Director of Solar Juice, is excited about the growth of the company’s solar energy solutions and the output of Tesla’s Powerwall in the past year. It contributed greatly to the sustainable energy climate in the country, and is contributing to a new era of power in “the Land Down Under.”

Burgess said:

“Working with Tesla to bring the latest storage technology and help accelerate the growth to renewables is fantastic. The momentum is gaining pace on a weekly basis and Solar Juice are proud to be part of the renewable revolution. The market is continuing to grow, and Solar Juice is expecting double-digit growth in 2021.”

Tesla Powerwalls are not the only energy product that the company has shown success with in Australia. Among the Powerwall, Tesla Megapacks have contributed to a substanital surge in solar-based energy solutions for Australian citizens. With the Big Battery in South Australia disrputing coal and gas companies after record outputs in 2020, people are coming to realize that sustainable energy products are advantageous in the event of a power outage. Additionally, their contribution to a clean Earth is another substantial advantage that continues to convince people in Australia, and across the globe, to move on from fossil fuel-based power.

Tesla Powerwall soars in Australia, contributing 34 MW of growth
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