New and used Tesla prices plunge, bringing unique opportunity to buyers

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New and used Tesla prices have plunged recently, giving buyers a unique opportunity.

Tesla has been criticized by car buyers, government representatives, and investors alike for having prices too high for average Americans to afford, especially for a brand that prides itself on leading the EV revolution. But now, that problem may finally be being addressed as the company has issued discounts for new vehicles, and its used offerings have plunged in price.

According to data released by Edmunds, the average used Tesla fell to a new low of $55,754 in November, down 17% from its peak in July this year. In July, the average used Tesla was selling for $67,297. At the same time, in the United States, Tesla has issued a $7,500 discount on new Model 3s and Ys if buyers are willing to take delivery before the end of the year.

This opportunity even stands out compared to other new and used offerings, as indicated by the data from Edmunds. The average used car only decreased in price by 4% over the same timeframe, and the average used car also spent less time on dealer lots, 38 days instead of 50 for the average Tesla.

While this may be good news in addressing Tesla’s affordability problem, some have worried that it indicates a lessening demand for Tesla vehicles, which could further hurt the Tesla stock price as it heads toward record lows.

While it is unclear if Tesla is seeing weakening demand, numerous outside factors may be contributing to lower vehicle prices. As gas prices have come down from record highs earlier this year, demand for electric vehicles may be affected as buyers are less likely to look for cheaper ownership options. Furthermore, interest rates have been continually hiked this year to battle inflation, making loans significantly more expensive. Finally, Tesla now faces a higher level of competition in its market segment than ever, not only from other luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes, but also from non-luxury brands like Ford, Hyundai, and Kia.

While this fall in Tesla vehicle prices may be bad news for investors, it may be the break in the clouds that many buyers have been looking for. With prices at record lows, this may be the best time to get into a Tesla, and with many doubtful that new vehicle prices will be coming down anytime soon, this could be the unique opportunity many have been looking for as they look to get their first electric vehicle.

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New and used Tesla prices plunge, bringing unique opportunity to buyers
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