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Tesla owners in the UK face multiple hour waits to charge at Superchargers

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Tesla owners in the United Kingdom face multiple-hour-long lines to charge their cars at Supercharging locations this week.

As demand for electric vehicles (and Teslas in particular) has skyrocketed over the past year, so has the demand for charging infrastructure. And while the Tesla Supercharging network is often credited as being one of the best and most widespread in the world, it still faces growing pains as it attempts to keep up with a wave of new buyers. One such example of this strained infrastructure problem was seen this week in the UK as Tesla owners have been forced to wait multiple hours to charge their vehicles.

As initially reported by METRO, Supercharging locations around the UK have faced lines as long as 40-50 vehicles as people attempt to keep their Teslas charged over the holidays.

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As seen in some strongly worded TikToks and Tweets, this poor charging experience has not left customers satisfied with their EV ownership experience, with one such owner stating the incident was his “worst journey as (a) Tesla driver.”

Luckily, Tesla has continued to expand its charging network worldwide, recently reporting a list of upcoming locations as voted for by Tesla owners. At the same time, the company continues to grow its charging network to new areas constantly. However, with the incredible wave of demand the company has grappled with for years, it is unclear if it will build enough charging to keep up with ever-growing demand.

Tesla is far from the only one investing billions into expanding EV charging infrastructure. In the UK, the government has created a “Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund,” which, along with expanding charging networks such as Ionity and BP Pulse, should help alleviate demand for charging. Across the pond in the US, the Biden Administration and numerous state governments have also pledged billions to improve charging infrastructure over the coming years to make the switch to EVs as easy and painless as possible.

While horrible charging wait times, such as those seen in the UK this week, are terrible for owners and indicate that more must be done to meet charging demands, it generally shows continued demand for EVs. With this evidenced demand, governments and corporations alike can rest assured that any investment into new chargers will be used and much appreciated.

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Tesla owners in the UK face multiple hour waits to charge at Superchargers
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