Tesla expected to miss Q3 2023 delivery estimates: Baird

Baird predicts Tesla will miss Q3 2023 delivery estimates. According to FactSet, analyst consensus for Tesla’s Q3 2023 delivery is 462,000 units.

Baird analyst Ben Kallo noted that the temporary factory shutdowns during Q3 2023 might affect Tesla’s delivery expectations, reported Barron’s. Tesla halted production gigafactory in Texas to upgrade and retool Model Y and Cybertruck assembly lines. The company also temporarily paused production at the Fremont Factory in July. Kallo also mentioned the question of Tesla’s demand, despite the EV automaker repeatedly stating that the company does not have a demand issue. 

The Baird analyst predicts that Tesla will announce a delivery result of 493,200, down 6% compared to the second quarter. In Q2 2023, Tesla produced nearly 480,000 cars and delivered over 466,000 vehicles. Most of Tesla’s deliveries in the second quarter were Model 3 and Model Y units, totaling 460,211 electric vehicles. Tesla delivered 19,225 Model S and Model X vehicles in the second quarter.

In the first quarter, Tesla produced more than 440,000 units and delivered over 422,000 electric cars. Tesla delivered approximately 412,180 Model Y and Mode 3 units and 10,695 Model S and Model X vehicles in Q1 2023. 

Despite his Q3 2023 analysis, Kallo does not seem too concerned about Tesla. He forecasted that the Model 3 Highland’s strong demand in China would boost sales in the long term. He also believes increased prices for the Model 3 and Model Y will support marine. The Baird analyst kept his $300 TSLA target price and Outperform rating for Tesla stock.

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Tesla expected to miss Q3 2023 delivery estimates: Baird
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