Tesla Giga Texas production pause may continue through September

(Credit: Jeff Roberts)

Tesla has paused production of the Cybertruck and Model Y at its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, and one person thinks that the break could last through the end of the month.

After reporting news earlier this month that Tesla would pause Giga Texas production for upgrades to general assembly lines #2 and #3, drone videographer Joe Tegtmeyer reiterated the point on X on Wednesday, adding that he thinks the factory may keep Cybertruck and Model Y production paused until the end of September.

Despite this, he also notes that his recent video shows more employee vehicles in the Giga Texas parking lot, leading him to believe that the company is performing additional testing, training and calibration work.

Additionally, Tegtmeyer reiterates the delivery of new manufacturing equipment spotted in recent weeks, including what appear to be two robotic production units for the Cybertruck line. He also points out other projects at Giga Texas, including work to the end-of-line facility steel structure, CFA pile drilling, and updates to the site’s River Road extension, among other work.

You can watch Joe Tegtmeyer’s full video on the continued production pause at Giga Texas below.

Ahead of initial deliveries of the highly anticipated electric pickup, Cybertrucks have been spotted outside the factory’s crash testing lab, along with several pre-production versions of the truck seen on public roads and at Superchargers.

Cybertrucks have also been spotted leaving Giga Texas in huge volumes, coinciding with the many sightings. More recently, CEO Elon Musk took Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a ride in a Cybertruck, and a snapshot of a potential Oracle Cybertruck police cruiser has surfaced online.

Although production of the Cybertruck has already been underway for a couple of months, the automaker is still in pre-production for the upcoming release. Tesla still needs to get crash testing results from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and a Certificate of Conformity before the Cybertruck can be released.

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Tesla Giga Texas production pause may continue through September
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