Tesla recalls imported flagship vehicles in China

Tesla is recalling around 30,000 of its Model S and Model X vehicles that were imported to China because of a suspension issue.

According to Tesla, there are two different suspension defects in some of the Model S and Model X vehicles that were imported to China from the company’s Fremont factory in Northern California.

Tesla identified the mishaps, and China’s State Administration of Market Regulation listed the recall in a news release.

The agency stated:

“Part of the imported Model S and Model X vehicles with a production date between September 17, 2013, and August 16, 2017, will be recalled, a total of 29,193 vehicles.

When some vehicles within the scope of this recall are subjected to a large external impact, the ball studs of the rear connecting rod of the front suspension will have an initial crack. When the vehicle continues to be used, the crack may extend and cause the ball stud to break. In extreme cases, the ball-end cone seat may come out of the steering knuckle, affecting the control of the vehicle, increasing the risk of accidents, and posing safety hazards.”

Tesla plans to replace the parts with improved left and right front suspension rear linkages for cars that fall “within the scope of the recall free of charge to eliminate potential safety standards.”

Recalls are a common practice among car companies when the entities recognize that there is a shortcoming with the way a vehicle is operating. Often, it is a simple fix that requires a few hours of labor to fix. With all of the Model S and Model X cars that are affected being in China, it means that 100% of the vehicles were imported.

It would be too tall of a task to require all customers to ship their vehicles back to the United States so that Fremont could take care of it, so Tesla will likely ship the replacement parts to Shanghai, who will then ship the parts to the 24 Service Center locations in China.

Tesla’s due diligence with the suspension issue shows that safety has always been a primary focus for the company. The transparency shows that Tesla vehicles are not perfect, but issues that are found are addressed promptly to keep customers safe and happy in their all-electric cars.

Tesla recalls imported flagship vehicles in China
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