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Tesla release notes now viewable directly from the Tesla mobile app

Credit: Tesla Inc.

The days of Tesla owners rushing to their cars to access and view the release notes for the latest software update may soon be over. As reported by members of the Tesla community, the release notes for software updates can now be viewed directly from the Tesla App. 

A look at the Tesla app’s page in the iOS App Store shows that the feature was rolled out in Version 4.15.0. Tesla did note that while the update allows the Tesla mobile app to view an update’s release notes, owners should make sure that their vehicle’s software is at 2022.40+. 

Initial reports of the update were shared by longtime FSD Beta tester Dirty Tesla on Twitter. Soon enough, software tracking service Teslascope also noted that it had confirmed the upcoming feature. It did not take long before images and videos of the new feature were shared online. 

While the new feature will definitely make it more convenient for Tesla owners to see what’s been changed and improved in their vehicles, Tesla enthusiasts in China have mentioned that something similar has been rolled out in the country in the past. In China, Tesla utilizes a dedicated customer support team that has a “mini app” of sorts in WeChat, which allows users to receive and discuss release notes.

Tesla’s release notes for its software updates have long been a source of interest for the company’s supporters, including those who do not own electric cars yet. Even Elon Musk seems to be aware of this, as shown in his decision to share technical changes to features like Tesla’s FSD Beta in an update’s release notes. 

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Tesla release notes now viewable directly from the Tesla mobile app
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