Tesla posts more Cybertruck production jobs

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Tesla Giga Texas is ramping up Cybertruck job hires once again. The latest job openings for the Cybertruck hint that Tesla is inching closer to starting production. 

Earlier this month, Tesla posted several jobs for Cybertruck production. The job lists included openings for the following positions: 

The latest jobs Tesla posted appear directly related to Cybertruck production. Tesla’s new open positions are listed below. 

All the Cybertruck jobs that Tesla posted are located in Austin, Texas. Tesla’s Giga Austin will be its Cybertruck factory. 

During the Q3 2022 earnings call, Musk mentioned that Tesla was in the “final lap for Cybertruck.” At the same meeting, a Tesla executive noted that Tesla already started preparing for Cybertruck production at Gigafactory Texas. 

In late October, two Cybertruck bodies were spotted inside Giga Texas. A few more Cybertruck prototypes were also spotted at the Fremont Factory in October. 

Tesla expects to enter early Cybertruck production by the middle of 2023 and enter mass production by the end of next year.

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Tesla posts more Cybertruck production jobs
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