Tesla has reopened Cybertruck ‘Foundation Series’ configurator for some

Credit: Andrew Lake | Tesla CyberTruck group on Facebook

Tesla seems to have reopened its order configurator for the Cybertruck “Foundation Series” for some users this week, after many lost the ability to configure over the weekend.

As spotted by Sawyer Merritt on Tuesday, some users who were previously unable to configure orders for the Cybertruck Foundation Series have now been able to by selecting “Manage Order” in their Tesla accounts. In response to Merritt’s post on Tuesday, at least two users said they had been able to place an order.

In a message to Teslarati, one user with two reservations also confirmed they were able to place a Cyberbeast order on Tuesday after losing the ability to order over the weekend, and facing an error message when originally attempting to order on Friday evening. The user confirmed an order for a reservation with RN112755xxx, the lower number of two active reservations.

Screenshot from one user who was able to configure their Cybertruck. Credit: Sawyer Merritt

The change comes after some who had been invited to configure their orders were briefly able to see the option to order on Friday, and as some others who hadn’t been invited were still able to see the option to design their Cybertruck in their Tesla account.

Following the news, many who had been invited or were quietly able to place an order through their accounts were faced with an error message when trying to place an order, before the option completely disappeared, seemingly indicating that Tesla had closed orders for the vehicle.

Reports over the weekend also confirmed that initial Foundation Series Cybertruck orders were going out this week, as some observers spotted some of the vehicles being prepared for delivery at a Tesla store in Austin, Texas.

It isn’t clear how Tesla is deciding who Cybertruck orders are available to, though the highest VIN we’ve seen for a reservation so far was at RN1130XXXXX with the vast majority who managed to place an order having RNs below that.

As confirmed by the automaker’s Head of Design Franz von Holzhausen in a video earlier this week, Tesla has received over two million deposits for the Cybertruck, and many are still eagerly awaiting the ability to order theirs.

At the same time, observers of Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas have noticed that Cybertruck production is gradually ramping up, with large batches of the vehicle being spotted in the plant’s outbound lot over the past week or so.

Updated 12/20/23: Corrected terminology to “RN” in the third and sixth paragraphs, after incorrectly writing that these referred to vehicle VINs.

Tesla Cybertruck production at Giga Texas is slowly ramping up

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Tesla has reopened Cybertruck ‘Foundation Series’ configurator for some
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