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Tesla sales swell 105% year over year, considerably more than any other company

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TrueCar’s August sales analysis shows that Tesla sales are estimated to have grown by 105% year-over-year.

According to TrueCar’s August sales estimates, Tesla sales have grown 105 percent year over year in the US, the most out of any brand. The following closest manufacturers were GM at 40.9% and Daimler at 40.0% growth year over year. Could this indicate that Tesla is growing their market lead of EVs in the US?

Credit: TrueCar

TrueCar’s analysis includes many other exciting details. First of all, Tesla’s market share is now estimated at 4.1% overall or 4.4% of retail. This means the brand controls nearly double its market share compared to the same time last year, 2.3%. TrueCar’s stats also show that GM, Ford, and Toyota remain market leaders in overall sales; GM controls 16.4% of the market, Ford controls 13.7, and Toyota controls 14.8.

Credit: TrueCar

Most brands no longer publish monthly sales results, Ford being a notable exception, but these estimates could be great news for Tesla. And while the report did not include estimates specifically focused on electric vehicles or any other market segment, they indicate that Tesla is likely growing its sales gap with other EV manufacturers, not losing it.

Some brands also saw significant losses in August. TrueCar estimates Honda saw a 41.5% sales decrease in the month, while Nissan saw a loss of 24.5%, and Toyota saw a loss of 9.4%.

Looking at the market overall, TrueCar estimates a total growth of roughly 9% year over year and may even be slightly up compared to July of this year. Fleet sales are likely a significant contributor to this, as TrueCar estimates an increase of 40% compared to last year. However, used vehicle sales are estimated to have dropped by 17% compared to last year.

More disturbingly, Americans seem to be spending more money than ever on the vehicles they buy. TrueCar estimates the average new car transaction price is up 10% compared to last year, though slightly down compared to last month. Loan terms are also longer than ever; an average of 70 months for new cars and 71 months for used ones.

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Tesla sales swell 105% year over year, considerably more than any other company
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