Tesla Says Pre-Paid Service Plan Updates Posted In Error

Shortly after it was widely reported that Tesla had quietly updated its pre-paid service plan by increasing the price and removing transferability to second hand owners, the company issued a statement saying the details were posted in error. According to Tesla, “A change to Tesla’s Extended Service Agreement was posted with an error. Tesla owners can indeed transfer the unused portion of their Extended Service Agreement with the sale of their Tesla. Our practice of refunding the unused portion of the Extended Service Agreement also continues. In addition, Tesla owners can transfer the unused value of their Extended Service Agreement towards an Extended Service Agreement for a new Tesla Model S or Model X.”

The statement addresses transferability but does not make mention of the modest increase in service plan prices. Also, it still appears that wheel alignments have been deleted from the list of items included in the pre-paid service.

The clarification leaves open the question of who authorized the erroneous change to the website and why. Is the company perhaps planning such a change in other markets at some time in the future? Or perhaps the change was agreed upon and then the decision to implement it reversed?

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