Tesla ranks second in customer website satisfaction study: J.D. Power

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Tesla’s website has been ranked the second best among prospective car buyers, as shoppers seem to prefer those from automakers with electric vehicles (EVs) in their lineups.

J.D. Power released the 2024 Winter U.S. Manufacturer Website Evaluation Study earlier this month, showing that web page satisfaction from EV buyers has increased since the last edition, released last summer. The study also highlights the fact that manufacturers with large EV portfolios had higher website satisfaction, and that overall satisfaction with vehicle manufacturer websites has remained flat since the previous study.

Tesla earned second in the “premium manufacturer” category for highest-ranked web experiences, while the list was narrowly topped by the luxury brand Mercedes-Benz. The study also looked at the “mass-market manufacturer” category in a separate list of ratings, as led by Hyundai and GMC—though with considerably lower overall scores.

The study is based on 12,481 respondents who reported that they expect to be in the market for a new vehicle within the next two years. The data was collected between October and December 2023, and J.D. Power says the rankings were based on four key measures, as listed below in order of importance:

  1. Information/Content
  2. Visual Appeal
  3. Navigation
  4. Speed

The firm notes that five out of the six brands that saw increased website satisfaction from potential customers had added battery-electric models to their lineups since the last volume of the study. J.D. Power also expects this trend to continue in the coming years, as EV adoption continues to accelerate.

“Previously, car manufacturers had difficulties showcasing the technological specifications for their EVs in an easily digestible way for shoppers,” said Eric McCready, J.D. Power director of digital solutions. “Now, the tide has turned as the EV shopping experience has been elevated. Looking ahead, manufacturers that evenly distribute the focus and updates across all vehicle types will see higher satisfaction with vehicle shoppers.”

Tesla pioneered an online sales model in the industry years ago, and a number of traditional automakers like Ford, Volvo and Volkswagen have followed suit, despite relying only on dealerships in the past. While other startup EV makers like Rivian also feature online sales, their websites were not profiled in the J.D. Power study.

You can see J.D. Power’s full list of customer website satisfaction rankings from the premium and mass-market segments below.

Credit: J.D. Power

Credit: J.D. Power

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Tesla ranks second in customer website satisfaction study: J.D. Power
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