Tesla Semi spotted in Supercharger between mysterious Lathrop facility and Fremont factory

The Tesla at the Dublin Supercharger. (Photo: John Grinley)

Tesla’s eye-catching red Semi prototype was recently sighted paying a visit to a Supercharger located between the company’s mysterious Lathrop facility and its main factory in Fremont, CA. Similar to other sightings of the vehicle, the all-electric truck seemed to have attracted attention from Tesla enthusiasts in the area.

Tesla enthusiast John Grinley was staying at a hotel in Dublin, CA this past Saturday when he decided to stop by a nearby Tesla store so he could test drive a Model 3. While spending some time at the location, the aspiring Model 3 owner was asked by the staff if he would like to stay a little longer to see the Tesla Semi in person. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, Grinley opted to wait.

Just as hinted at by the store’s staff, the Tesla Semi did arrive at the Dublin Store, parking itself at a Supercharger. Grinley, together with around 10-15 people who were at the store for test drives, were treated to a rare, up-close look at the all-electric long hauler. The enthusiast was able to capture a couple of photos, as well as a video of the vehicle parking at a charging spot.

The Tesla at the Dublin Supercharger. (Photo: John Grinley)

Tesla has stated it would be using the Semi for its own operations, and if sightings of the vehicle are any indication, this does appear to be the case. This is one of the reasons why several Semi sightings have been in areas that are close to or en route to a key Tesla location. Dublin, for example, lies between Tesla’s Fremont, CA factory and the electric car maker’s massive, mysterious Lathrop facility, which is currently under construction.

Tesla has been incredibly secretive about the nature of the Lathrop site, though speculations have suggested that the location could be utilized either as a parts distribution center, or even a site for the production of the Semi. Recent photos taken inside the massive facility, for one, show some remarkable similarities with the interior of Gigafactory 3 in China, which, of course, is intended for electric vehicle production.

Tesla has been road-testing the Semi since it was unveiled almost two years ago. Since then, both Semi prototypes have been sighted in multiple parts of the country. At times, the vehicles were spotted bobtailing (traveling without a trailer attached), while at other times, the all-electric trucks were seen pulling a trailer. More recently, the red-wrapped Semi prototype has been seen pulling a trailer filled with concrete weights, as could be seen in the recent sighting above.

Just like Tesla’s existing lineup of vehicles, the Semi is expected to have the potential to disrupt the highly-lucrative trucking market. Thanks to its four Model 3-derived electric motors, the Tesla Semi boasts a lot of power and torque, allowing the vehicle to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 5 seconds flat without a trailer. With a full load, the Semi is still capable of reaching highway speeds in around 20 seconds. This acceleration could be seen in several sightings involving the vehicle, proving that when it starts getting released, the Semi would likely outrun its fossil fuel counterparts on a regular basis.

Watch the Tesla Semi visit the Dublin store in the video below.

Tesla Semi spotted in Supercharger between mysterious Lathrop facility and Fremont factory
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