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Tesla hires battery engineer for S Korea 

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla is hiring a Senior Battery Process Engineer in South Korea. The company recently started posting new jobs in South Korea.

Tesla’s job description for Senior Battery Process Engineer states:

“This position is mainly responsible for the rework and remanufacturing process of modules and battery packs in Remanufacturing workshop. We need to have a deep understanding of the battery pack manufacturing process and cooperate fully with relevant teams to help identify the fault modes of new battery packs and modules, implement corrective/preventive measures, and develop new repair process plans. We welcome talents from different fields to join us and become pioneers and challengers in Tesla’s global battery remanufacturing.”

Tesla’s new senior battery process engineer post comes as LG Energy Solution (LGES) prepares to start production on 4680 cells at its Ochang Factory in South Korea.

LGES aims to start 4680 cell production next month. If it does, LGES will be the first global battery maker to mass-produce 4680 battery cells. The Ochang Factory is estimated to have an initial production capacity of 8 GWh for 4680 cells annually.

LG Energy Solution also plans to produce 46-series battery cells at its new $5.5 billion plant in Arizona. The South Korean company recently temporarily paused construction on its energy storage system (ESS) production facility in Arizona to focus on the assembly line for 46-series cylindrical cells.

Tesla has been using 4680 cells in all Cybertruck pickups and some Model Ys made in Giga Texas. Tesla’s 4680 batteries will play a more significant role as it releases more affordable models, like the $25,000 car or the Cybercab for its Robotaxi fleet.

Tesla hires battery engineer for S Korea 
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