Tesla pokes fun at Ford F-150 Lightning in Cybertruck Powershare video

Tesla seemed to poke some fun at the Ford F-150 Lightning in its Powershare promotional video. In its highlights for the new feature, Tesla depicted a Cybertruck owner helping out an F-150 Lightning that needed some extra range on the road. 

Tesla’s Powershare is a unique feature for the Cybertruck. As noted by the electric vehicle maker, the Cybertruck’s Powershare bidirectional charging system provides power for homes, activities, or other electric vehicles. “Whether you need to power a construction site, pre-game tailgate, another electric vehicle, or even your home during an outage, your Tesla vehicle with Powershare has you covered,” Tesla noted. 

Interestingly enough, the Ford F-150 Lightning also has a similar feature called Pro Power Onboard, which could also provide power for homes, work sites, and other electric cars. And during the height of the Lightning’s popularity, social media platforms like X saw a notable number of posts showing F-150 Lightnings “saving” Teslas that are about to run out of battery. 

With the Cybertruck on the market, however, it appears that it would be Tesla that would now be saving other electric cars that are running out of range. Ironically enough, range might not be an issue for vehicles like the Lightning soon as Ford, together with other veteran automakers like General Motors (GM), have opted to adopt Tesla North American Charging Standard (NACS). 

With NACS, Ford’s electric vehicles would be able to access the Supercharger Network, so instances of EVs needing “saving” in the middle of the road might be quite scarce. This was hinted at by Ford CEO Jim Farley, who noted that the Tesla NACS deal is designed to improve the EV experience for consumers. 

“No surprise charging can be a challenge, but still learning a lot seeing firsthand the issues our customers face. This is why we’re working w/ Tesla to provide Ford drivers access to +12,000 superchargers & our EV certified dealers are installing fast chargers at their dealerships. Will help us improve the EV experience for our customers,” Farley wrote on X

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Tesla pokes fun at Ford F-150 Lightning in Cybertruck Powershare video
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