Tesla releases Smart Summon with ability to target a specific location

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The highly-anticipated release of Tesla’s Beta version of the “Smart Summon” feature is finally here. The company, however, added yet another great feature: a geographical location option.

Users will now be able to set a specific location on a map for their cars to pick them up. Originally, Summon was designed to pick up a person based on the location of their phone, but it seems Tesla has decided to take it a step further. This additional option makes it even more convenient for owners and adds to the value of Tesla’s Summon feature.

Credit: Twitter/tesla_truth

Release notes from the V10 update state that owners are still responsible for their vehicles and should monitor its use while using the “Smart Summon” feature, as it is still potentially hazardous to “quick-moving people, bicycles and cars.”

In order to be able to access the V10 update this morning, U.S. Tesla owners would have to have Full-Self Driving capabilities, as well as “advanced download” enabled in software settings.

The addition of “Smart Summon’s” geographical option will enable even more convenience. Users will select a target on a map and then tap and hold the “GO TO TARGET” button to use the feature. This could come in handy in many different scenarios. If the front of a grocery store is too crowded with pedestrians, users will be able to choose a less congested area with the geographical option. This feature could also decrease the likelihood of a vehicle being dinged or run into by someone else’s grocery cart.

“Smart Summon” will enable owners to gain access to their vehicles without walking to them. This could especially come in handy during grocery shopping, as navigating through busy parking lots and strolling heavy carts is becoming increasingly less-convenient. Owners would be able to literally summon their vehicles to their locations by using the “COME TO ME” button on the Tesla app.

Smart Summon is one of the most notable features of the Full-Self Driving capability of Tesla vehicles. This new addition will inhibit less hassle for owners who want to alleviate some of the stresses from normal daily tasks such as going to the grocery store. Not to mention, its a great feature to wow your non-Tesla owning friends with.

Tesla releases Smart Summon with ability to target a specific location
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