Tesla solar roof at Giga Texas to be world’s largest when complete

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Tesla has been gradually deploying a massive set of solar panels on the roof of its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, set to be the world’s largest upon completion, according to one person from the company.

During a Travis County Commissioners Court meeting this week, Tesla’s senior manager of factory engineering, Logan Grant, told county officials that Phase 1 of the solar array had been completed, according to a report from the Austin Monitor. When it’s complete, Grant says, the system will be the world’s largest solar rooftop installation, with roughly 30 megawatts of power.

“We finished phase 1, so we can pull roughly 10 megawatts. When it’s all said and done, it will be 30 megawatts, which will be the largest rooftop solar I think in the world,” Grant said during the presentation.

According to Grant and other Tesla officials, the roof will include roughly 70,000 total rooftop solar panels across the 10 million square foot factory. The company has used dark-colored solar panels to outline the word “Tesla” on the Giga Texas roof, and the word has already started taking shape despite the project not yet being completed.

Satellite photos taken from space show the solar roof project, which has notably made quite a bit of progress since the factory first began working on it.

Tesla Giga Texas’ solar panel installation and start of operations imminent: report

You can see a few side shots of Tesla’s solar roof installation project at Giga Texas in the latter part of Joe Tegtmeyer’s video taken earlier this week.

Currently, Tesla produces the Model Y SUV at Giga Texas, and the automaker is also producing the forthcoming Cybertruck at the location.

Tesla is also expanding the Giga Texas production facility to include electric vehicle (EV) battery production and cathode manufacturing, as pointed out by the automaker’s senior global director of public policy and business development, Rohan Patel.

“The first American battery manufacturing at scale is happening here and the first American cathode manufacturing – which is the most expensive part of the battery – is happening at Giga Texas,” Patel said during the presentation.

The automaker is currently working on Phase 2 of the facility’s 4680 battery cell facility, which is expected to add four more production lines by the latter part of 2024.

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Tesla solar roof at Giga Texas to be world’s largest when complete
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