Tesla Cybertruck cell production ongoing at Giga Texas

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Tesla is already working on cells specifically for the Cybertruck at Gigafactory Texas. 

Tesla Cybertruck cells yield 10% higher energy than Model Y 4680 cells made in Giga Texas’ battery production line. 

“The Cybertruck cell, with 10% higher energy than our Model Y cell, started production on Line 2 in Texas. This quarter, we convert to building 100% Cybertruck cells to simplify and focus the factory as we ramp all four lines in Phase 1 over the next three quarters,” said a Tesla executive during the third quarter earning call.

Tesla has plans to build Phase 2 of Giga Texas’ 4680 facility. Phase 2 is already under construction at Tesla’s headquarters. It will add four more lines to the factory’s battery cell production. Tesla aims to start cell production in Phase 2 by late 2024.

Giga Texas’ battery cell production will eventually split into two phases, one dedicated to Cybertruck cells. In the fourth quarter, Tesla will focus on converting Giga Texas’ battery production line to concentrating on Cybertruck cells. Cybertruck cell production will be the main focus of Giga Texas’ battery assembly line for the next three quarters, up to Q2 2024. 

Tesla Cybertruck deliveries will start on November 30, 2023. The company is still in the pilot production stage for the Cybertruck. Tesla’s CEO noted that it will take some time before the Cybertruck production hits full speed and yields positive cash flow for the company. 

“A lot of people are excited about Cybertruck. I am, too. I’ve driven the car. It’s an amazing product. I do want to emphasize that there will be enormous challenges in reaching volume production with the Cybertruck and then in making a Cybertruck cash flow positive,” commented Musk at the latest earnings call.

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Tesla Cybertruck cell production ongoing at Giga Texas
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