Tesla could one day “gamify” your Supercharger travels with digital trophies

Folsom, CA - Iron Point Road Supercharger [Credit: "rasberi" via Teslarati App]

Taking a Tesla road trip could one day become an even more rewarding experience than it already is. After announcing that one of its new Supercharger locations in Los Angeles will debut an old-school drive-in, complete with outdoor movie screens and a rock-themed restaurant, CEO Elon Musk responded gamely to a Tesla enthusiast who suggested that the Supercharger network be “gamified”, with drivers getting digital trophies for visiting each location.

Musk’s drive-in Supercharger station announcement was received incredibly well by the Tesla community, and even days after the tweet, conversations about the upcoming facility were still ongoing on the microblogging platform. Being an avid Twitter user himself, Musk came upon a suggestion dropped by Daniel, who goes by the handle @Mister_Millard. According to the Tesla enthusiast, the California-based electric car maker can turn their expanding Supercharger network as tourist destinations if drivers can get digital incentives for visiting them.

As it turned out, Elon Musk loved the idea. Responding to the Twitter user, Musk praised the concept as “cool”, further suggesting through a simple “will do” response, that the digital incentive system would be implemented in the future. 

In a lot of ways, gamifying the Tesla experience is a great way for the electric car maker to encourage more drivers to take trips and utilize the company’s ever-growing Supercharger network. With the Silicon Valley-based electric car maker now building lifestyle-oriented Supercharger facilities, the company’s charging infrastructure is becoming an even more prominent part of the overall Tesla experience.

The idea of gamifying the Tesla experience was first introduced by TezLab, a smartphone app that not only provides pertinent driving stats to Tesla owners; it also makes driving the vehicles way more fun than usual. TezLab grants incentives to Tesla drivers who frequent Supercharger locations, branding users with titles such as “Mayor” and awarding qualified users with “Most Efficient” awards. We actually enjoyed TezLab’s smartphone app, especially since it provides an added layer of fun to driving a Tesla.

In a lot of ways, gamifying the driving experience would likely pay off for the electric car and energy firm. A points and incentive system, after all, is one of the reasons why Waze, one of the most popular navigation apps for both iOS and Android users, remains successful. Over the years, Waze has effectively rolled out a rewards system for users who contribute information to the app. These points, while providing no tangible rewards, result in users’ avatars getting new accessories, among other digital perks. Waze’s initiative has paid off in spades, and its points system remains a huge success to this day.

Tesla is already in the process of making its Supercharger Network better than ever before. With premium amenities such as drivers’ lounges, dedicated kids’ and pets’ areas, merchandise stores, and restaurants, Tesla’s Supercharger network might very well end up as destinations instead of simple stops. With a points system that grants rewards for drivers, Tesla’s charging infrastructure would most likely never be idle in the years to come.

Tesla could one day “gamify” your Supercharger travels with digital trophies
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