Tesla nearing 1000 Supercharger locations worldwide ahead of Model 3 rollout

Folsom, CA - Iron Point Road Supercharger [Credit: "rasberi" via Teslarati App]

Tesla is making good on its promise to drivers that they would “never wait to charge.”

Tesla has recently crossed the 900 Supercharger station threshold, with 70 under construction or in permit phase, according to crowdsourced data from

The map which shows 903 worldwide Tesla Supercharger stations, 44 under construction, and 26 in the permit stage — provides a glimpse at where Tesla Model S, X and future Model 3 drivers can stop off to charge at more than twice the rate of conventional chargers, and increasing. Be sure to check out our interactive Tesla Supercharger map, further detailing where thousands of Tesla-branded Destination Chargers, Tesla Service Centers and Tesla showroom stores are in addition to the Supercharger network. Also included are photos, recommendations and activities near each charging location as crowdsourced worldwide from Model S, Model X and soon-to-be Model 3 drivers.

Interactive Tesla Supercharger Map via

With another milestone reached, CEO Elon Musk tweeted recently that Tesla drivers are able to drive anywhere in the United States using the Supercharger network. He also included that most of Europe, China and Japan were also covered by the network.

Musk’s claims are certainly true, as two drivers managed to perform a “Cannonball run” in their Tesla Model S, driving from Los Angeles to New York City in a record-setting 51 hours and 47 minutes. And it was all documented on video.

Tesla announced a couple months ago that it was aiming to double the size of its Supercharger network by the end of the year. This network increase, combined with new service vans and centers popping up around the world, is most likely a logistical gear-up for the high volume release of the Model 3.

Tesla’s production goals — roughly 500,000 vehicles in 2018 — will mean that drivers need more convenient access to services and amenities at charging locations, something the Palo Alto-based manufacturer is fully aware of.

“It is extremely important to us and our mission that charging is convenient, abundant and reliable for all owners, current and future.” said Tesla in April, when the electric car maker went even further, saying owners that they would “never wait to charge.”

Never having to wait to charge would be another draw for would-be drivers, it’s also something that can only be achieved through the ubiquity of Tesla services.

Tesla nearing 1000 Supercharger locations worldwide ahead of Model 3 rollout
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