Tesla Supercharger Network named as UK’s best chargepoint provider

Credit: Tesla

The Tesla Supercharger Network came in on top in Auto Express’ Driver Power Survey, which based the results on the feedback and experiences of real customers using public charging networks in the United Kingdom.

The Driver Power Survey included questions about charging speed, security at the charging stations, reliability, prices, and customer service. It also covered topics like available locations, presentation, and smartphone apps used to access the networks.

Both electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid car owners participated in the survey. They were asked to rank each public chargepoint provider in the UK based on the factors discussed previously.

Tesla’s Supercharger Network came in 1st Place with an overall score of 83%. Tesla was on top in all of the categories, including “ease of use,” “price,” and “charging speed.” However, it ranked terms under “locations,” where Shell’s Recharge stations took the lead.

“But failure to win [the] top spot in that category could imply drivers simply want more superchargers – because they already clearly provide the best all-round experience,” noted Auto Express.

Shell Recharge came in 2nd Place with an overall score of 79%. Its only top score was in “locations,” The company plans to have around 170 charging stalls at Shell stations by the end of the year and more than 5,000 by 2025. Shell Recharge ranked 5th in “prices,” 2nd in “charging speed,” and 2nd in “ease of use.”

First tests of non-Tesla Supercharger sessions in the Netherlands shared online

Tesla has been working on giving non-Tesla EV owners access to the Supercharger Network via its mobile app. The American EV manufacturer has already started testing open EV Supercharger stations in the Netherlands as part of a pilot program. Tesla is expected to expand its open EV Supercharger program throughout Europe first. The company also plans to expand existing stations and add more locations around the world in general. Currently, Tesla has installed more than 30,000 Superchargers worldwide.

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Tesla Supercharger Network named as UK’s best chargepoint provider
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