Tesla turns on more Superchargers enroute to “World’s largest battery” in Australia

Roughly two weeks ago, Teslarati reported that Tesla had committed to expanding its Supercharger network to the site of the world’s largest battery in Hornsdale, just outside of Jamestown in South Australia. In that time, Tesla has already set up four new Supercharger stations, extending the company’s fast-charging network along the southern coastal area some 520 miles (~840 kilometers).

At the time of the announcement, the closest Supercharger to the world’s largest battery site was in Melbourne, an entire province away. Tesla has since added Superchargers in Ballarat, Horsham, Adelaide and Clare. Three more Superchargers are also currently under construction in Keith, Warrnambool and the Geelong area, according to new data seen in the Interactive Tesla Supercharger Map and tipped off from a Reddit discussion.

Source: Interactive Tesla Supercharger Map

Superchargers in Warrnambool and Geelong would extend the route down closer to the coast for Tesla drivers looking to take the scenic route near the ocean on long-distance rides.

While the ultimate goal is to reach the site of the world’s largest battery — a 100 MW, 129 MWh Powerpack battery system that will charge from a wind farm and store energy for backup power — these Superchargers can also serve as a gateway to western Australia.

Tesla’s Supercharger network currently spans the southeastern coast of the country. By expanding the network westward, Tesla is committing to bringing fast-charging options to western Australian Tesla drivers. 

With the addition of these four, the total number of Supercharger locations in Australia up to sixteen, with another sixteen Superchargers planned.

The speed at which these Supercharger stations were established bodes well for Chinese Tesla drivers. Tesla has also committed to upping the number of Superchargers in China to 1,000 before the end of 2017.

Tesla confirmed with Teslarati last week that a massive Supercharger station — one that appears to have between 40 to 60 Supercharger stalls — was being built in Shanghai. As Tesla continues to expand its network internationally, Tesla drivers everywhere will have the comfort and convenience of knowing they are within range of a reliable, sustainable power source.

Tesla turns on more Superchargers enroute to “World’s largest battery” in Australia
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