Tesla Sweden finds another loophole for record deliveries

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Tesla Sweden found another loophole to keep deliveries rolling while IF Metall’s mail blockade continues. 

Tesla Sweden has moved all its outgoing mail from the Swedish Transport Agency to a small office at Norrtull in Stockholm. As such, Tesla has solved its license plate issue for new car deliveries.

Tesla’s move helped it reach record-breaking sales in Sweden last month. In February, Tesla Sweden saw a 142% increase in sales. Since the beginning of the year, 2,800 new Tesla cars have been registered in Sweden. According to Carup, the Tesla Model Y is Sweden’s best-selling vehicle.

License plates have been one strategic way IF Metall has tried to disrupt or halt Tesla Sweden’s operations. IF Metall had called on Postnord to join its fight against Tesla through a sympathy strike. The parcel and logistics service company delivered license plates for new Tesla vehicles before handing them to reservation holders. 

Postnord stopped handing license plates over to Tesla Sweden after it decided to participate in IF Metall’s strike. Tesla turned to the Swedish Transport Agency, requesting to change the courier for the license plates. However, its request was denied. 

Postnord’s participation in IF Metall’s strike didn’t disrupt Tesla Sweden’s delivery process for too long, though. The electric vehicle (EV) company found ways to circumnavigate the issue. In late 2023, Tesla started delivering cars without license plates. Instead of Tesla, the new owners of the vehicle would request that the license plates be delivered directly to their homes. 

By January 2024, Tesla Sweden won a small but significant victory against IF Metall and the license plate issue. The Swedish Transport Agency permitted Tesla to use replacement plates on new vehicles.

YouTuber Peter Esse explained Tesla smart move to get around IF Metall’s mail blockade.

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Tesla Sweden finds another loophole for record deliveries
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