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This crazy Tesla Supercharger in Germany has a swimming pool

Tesla's Super Pool at the Fastned Hilden, Germany Charging Hub. (Credit: Tesla Welt Podcast)

A Tesla Supercharger station in Hilden, Germany, has many interesting features: it has a full café with fresh baked bread and coffee, it is perfectly situated between Germany’s A3 and A46 motorways, it has 300kW capable charging, and it has a swimming pool.

In October 2020, Fastned, a European fast-charging network provider, opened the largest and fastest charging hub in Germany. Partnering with Tesla, Fastned opened its Ladepark Kreuz Hilden Supercharger Hub in an effort to support the growing number of electric vehicles in the region.

Tesla opens solar and wind-powered fast charging hub in Germany with Fastned

Fast forward nearly two years and the Fastned Hilden Supercharger Hub has added a brand new feature: a swimming pool for EV owners to utilize for a quick dip to cool off. It will be a quick dip, though, because the 300 kW-capable fast chargers will have your EV with hundreds of miles of range in just minutes.

The Tesla Welt Podcast visited the fast-charging hub in Hilden to show the Tesla swimming pool, which looks like a large shipping container that has been painted in black with the classic “Tesla” logo in white. Tesla-branded beach balls float in the pool, and Fastned has even powered the pool’s filtration system with solar power.

The Tesla Super Pool can fit up to four people, but as previously mentioned, you won’t be in the pool long. Fastned’s chargers will have your vehicle fully charged in a matter of minutes, so it’s definitely a good complementary activity to have, especially for kids.

“I think this is an awesome idea from Tesla,” David of the Tesla Welt Podcast said. “The legacy automakers are just finding that they need a proper fast-charging network, and now, this is not enough anymore. If you want to get customers, you also need a Super Pool!”

The pool opened on August 1 and is only accessible to Tesla owners who are charging their vehicles at the time of the visit, and they must show their app for entry. There are still plenty of other electric vehicle chargers at the Fastned Hub in Hilden. The site currently has twelve-300 kW chargers that support CCS vehicles, while four CHAdeMO chargers are available with 50 kW charging rates.

Check out the Tesla Welt Podcast video of the Tesla Super Pool below!

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This crazy Tesla Supercharger in Germany has a swimming pool
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