Tesla Giga Berlin: Minister still hopeful for 2021 launch despite final approval delay

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Tesla Giga Berlin is still waiting for final environmental approval from Brandenburg’s State Office for the Environment (LfU). Despite this, the state’s Minister of Economics, Jörg Steinbach, remains hopeful that Tesla will produce its first vehicle in Giga Berlin by the end of this year. 

“I hope that the first car that comes off the production line will be born in 2021,” Steinbach stated. Initially, Gigafactory Berlin production was scheduled to start this month. The company planned to produce 500,000 Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y vehicles in Giga Berlin every year. However, Tesla has not received final approval for Giga Berlin’s construction or production. 

In June, Tesla submitted new documents to the State Office for the Environment. Some of the documents related to the construction of a battery cell manufacturing site on Giga Berlin’s grounds. The documents also revealed that Tesla plans to expand the press shop by adding two more press lines. The company also plans to reduce the body shop into one production line.

Tesla’s revision to Giga Berlin’s plans will need to go through another set of rounds in the approval process. Until July 17, the modifications are accessible to the public, who can raise objections to the changes until August 16. Then, the LfU decides whether the objections need further discussion, which may lengthen the approval process even more. 

Tesla criticized Germany’s approval process for Giga Berlin earlier this year. Some German politicians, including Steinbach, have admitted that the country’s approval process needs to be modernized and improved. 

“Even more complex and protracted planning procedures with multiple filings and protracted planning procedures with multiple filings and almost endless expert battles have developed into a massive investment barrier for Germany,” said Holger Lösch, BDI’s Deputy Chief Executive of Industry Association, to Handelsblatt.

Steinbach stated that reviewing the planning and approval law would be advisable after Tesla processed the necessary documents for Giga Berlin. He noted that several negotiations with foreign companies were currently ongoing. 

“As far as the application of the Federal Immission Control Act and the associated approval procedures are concerned, we are perhaps in a tunnel of operational blindness and may not see the points that need to be modernized and reduced in bureaucracy,” observed Brandenburg’s Minister of Economics.

Check out a video of Giga Berlin’s recent progress below!

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Tesla Giga Berlin: Minister still hopeful for 2021 launch despite final approval delay
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