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TSLA bull explains why the Apple Car is not a threat to Tesla’s market share

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Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) bull Gene Munster from Loup Ventures doesn’t think the Apple Car is a threat to Tesla’s market share. In the midst of TSLA’s first trading day as a stock in the S&P 500 index, Reuters reported that Apple plans to start producing its own all-electric vehicle with autonomous features by around 2024.

Speaking on behalf of Loup Ventures, Munster stated that he believes Apple will likely have a business related to autonomous vehicles within the next decade. Munster also shared that the firm doesn’t think the Apple Car would take away market share from Tesla, but rather traditional automakers. 

Loup Ventures predicts that EVs will account for close to 30% of all auto sales by 2025. It believes Tesla will hold one third of the global EV market share. As such, Apple has the opportunity to grab a good portion of the EV market from traditional automakers and other startups. 

In the stock market, it appears to be a different story. Short term, Loup Ventures predicts that the Apple Car will weigh on TSLA shares as it will be another risk factor for Tesla investors to consider in their investment thesis. The firm believes Apple will remain a negative impact on TSLA’s multiples from 2023 onwards. 

Gene Munster did have a little caveat about the Apple Car. He recalled the time when Loup Ventures expected the tech giant to launch an Apple-branded TV years ago. 

“In the end, I was wrong. Apple never did a TV. As talk of Apple Car gains momentum, I’m reminded of a valuable lesson I learned the hard way: just because Apple is working on a product doesn’t mean it will see the light of day.”

If Apple does launch its own EV into the market, it would be the first consumer electric car coming from a giant in the tech industry. As such it might have an edge in the EV market. Legacy OEMs appear to be having difficulty harmoniously combining today’s advanced software with traditional cars. For Apple, it would be a different story. Sources with seemingly close ties to Project Titan shared that Apple would be open to partnering with a legacy automaker on its electric vehicle.

Watch a video about Apple’s focus on Autonomous Car Systems below. 

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TSLA bull explains why the Apple Car is not a threat to Tesla’s market share
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